Return of the Fit

Hi everyone, I hope you all are doing good!

An update from me once again, I had a little pause on the Fit program which was necessary, I gave my body and mind a little breather on the workout front while focusing on a great load of work (which seems to be decreasing, yay!).

I am still moving but considerably less, I have incorporated walks on some days so far and its been okay.

I am returning to FB Fit :) yesterday I did a 5 lvl kettlebell workout which I didnt love, I find kettlebell movements a bit confusing as I am not used to them, also I just had a week long pause from exercising every day, so there were a lot of low impact mods and lower weights than usually. Still swimming in sweat!

I will be doing Fit on alternating days so I get to my previous workout load slowly and not overwork physically. So slow and steady, I am approaching the last two weeks of FB Fit :)

Now I am just chilling after another day of hard work and an hour long walk with my partner, enjoying a non alcoholic beer-lemonade :)

So thats my update, feel free to tell me about your recent days, any news or progress?? :)

Thank you for reading and take care!