Returning to workouts

Hello! I have been quite inactive and have it difficult to stay motivated to work out since starting my a levels two years ago. Although I do go on an hour daily walks.

I recently made the decision to quit smoking and have done successfully and decided to take the steps to become healthy again. So working out seems the ideal option.

I am not trying to loose weight but to feel healthier, happier and more confident in my body.

I used to work out every day, doing HIT, which I loved, but I never saw any results. Although I’m not working out for a certain “body type”, it would be motivating to see some positive changes.

What workout programmes are best for someone returning to workouts?

How many times do you recommend working out?

And lastly, how long does it take to feel more energetic after starting to workout?

I did complete a small 20minutes workout today and noticed that I am way more unfit than I thought🥴

:) x