when sore..

Hello Everyone !

Me again asking for questions... (arent you tired of me ? lol)

I'm currently doing FB ABS 2, and the strangest thing is happening.

I don't get sore 24 hours after the workout (like it's supposed to be) but 48h after ! So it's kind of problematic to me cause for example, on sunday I did lower, today it's supposed to be lower again and my glutes aren't ready (I don't like to workout on sore muscle, it's really not the best feeling).

My question is; is that okay if I reschedule the workout and put another workout (like upper body) instead ?

Lol I guess it's kind of a dumb question, I'm not gonna burn to hell cause I reschedule workouts, but still I needed to hear from you guysđź‘€ thanks !