New FB Plus Jump Rope Workout + New Expert Articles

Happy new week FB Family, I hope!

We have a busy week of work ahead, along with our FB Complete workouts to keep up with. We are tackling the first workout of Week 3 today! We did a lot of filming last week, which we're really excited about. We filmed intense strength training workouts, lengthy stretching routines, peaceful Pilates, kettlebell - all kinds of good stuff. Here's what we have for you today:

New FB Plus workout: Jump Rope Workout - Energy Boosting Cardio Burst for Endurance

As well as two new Expert articles:
Free: Learn How to Breathe Through Your Pain in 4 Steps
For Plus: Wrist Pain from Working Out? Ways to Treat and Prevent Wrist Pain

Honestly the article on breathing is something I'm especially excited to share as breath work played an enormous role in getting my chronic pain under control. That's part of my goal in bringing on Experts; I want to share information about what helped me, and I'm bringing in the pros to do it. Watch for much more on these topics in the future (along with more content from registered dietitians, coming very soon).

In other news, mark your calendars:
➪ New free workout video going live: next Sunday, 1/24
➪ New FB Plus workout going live Monday, 1/25.
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I hope that your week is off to a strong healthy start. Let us know if you can think of ways that we can be helpful to you.