Routine complete!

Today I finished my first created 2 week Routine, "FB Plus Challenge", which consisted of only Plus videos. I started on December 29. I had a lot of fun with this routine.

As you can see it took a little more than 2 weeks, what with unscheduled rest days because of low energy. But I'm happy with that.

Today was no exception. My last video was a 42 minute lower body hiit, and I'd already rescheduled it twice. Well, I was only able to do half. Which is fine.

Now my question is how do I mark this "Routine Complete"?

I'm starting Abs 2 tomorrow and will space it out over 6 weeks instead of 4, leaving Wednesdays and weekends free (except for yoga and walking). That way I'm hoping to avoid having to take unscheduled rest days too often.

All in all, the last couple months have been great exercise wise. I haven't been able to come near the consistency I used to have pre-burnout, and this is a really nice improvement for me.

I'm a grateful Blender!