Listen to Your Body

I had "2" more weeks of FB Sweat & my body said, "stop" and "take a break". I listened.🤔💬

So, I decided to join FB Plus, to find workouts that are low impact & stretches for your muscles

I decided to do the "FB Fundamentals" that focus on slow movements, stretches, & yoga. Then I incorporated low impact/ less intense workouts that focus on those fundamental movements.

Ex: Day 2 Workout Plam: FB Fundamentals

1) Better Posture & Tension Relief: Neck, Shoulders, Upper Back, Arms & Wrist Stretches:


2) Shoulders, Back, Chest and Arm Workout for Strong Toned Upper Body:

After I finish the FB fundamentals, then I will complete the last two weeks of FB sweat!

Has anyone took a break from their FB workout program & do stretches & low impact exercises using FB Plus?