Mass - SO HUNGRY - people’s experiences

Hi all,

Hope you’re all well and keeping safe.

I’ve been waiting for an opportunity to do the mass program for ages. I’m currently alternating weeks between mass and bodyweight2 and am just about to finish my first week of mass and I’m loving it! I’d heard a lot of people say this about mass but my appetite has gone through the roof and I’m SO hungry! An hour after my dinner last night, which usually then means I’m done eating for the day I felt so hungry and had to have a bowl of muesli or I knew I’d be up in the night starving. This is a bit of a weird experience for me and one I’m not hugely comfortable with (ex-dieter here!)but I’m going with it and when hungry trying to eat healthy nutritious snacks.

I’ve never had this with another workout program before and I’ve done a lot of them, including strong. I should say I’m working really hard to lift as heavy as I can and really push myself. Can anyone else share their experiences of doing mass and how they found it? Also did you see/experience any significant results?

Thanks so much all