An FB Complete appreciation post

Hi everyone!

I'm usually very much a lurker in this community and I love reading all threads and advice.

This time, though, I'm just too excited about FB Complete to not write a quick shout-out! I've started the new program as it launched while also adjusting to working out in the morning. I don't think I would've been able to go through this transition without the amazing options we have available! I absolutely love the fact that I can choose the intensity or length each day depending on how I feel, especially after having to get used to waking up 1h 30m earlier every morning and working out without a full day of carbs in my body. It's way easier dragging my butt out of bed knowing I have the option to choose an easier workout if I'm not feeling it.

FB Team, thank you so so much for this program! It's officially my favourite and I'm not even half way through :D

Hope everyone is having a lovely day!