New FB Plus Workout: 45 Minute Rotational Upper Body Strength Workout

Good Morning,

We've just released a new FB Plus workout:

45 Minute Rotational Upper Body Strength Workout - Home Upper Body Strength Routine

The theme behind this routine is “unique but effective”. With that in mind I have done my best to choose exercises that provide a new mental challenge while still providing an effective workout. This one is rated 4/5 difficulty and has some new twists on the exercises, so be mindful of form and willing to make adjustments with the amount of weight you're lifting.

Starting back into a program today. I'm going to be doing FB Complete with Kelli. It's been quite a while since I've done one of our programs so I'm excited to jump in and have my butt kicked. We'll be doing the day one workout right before lunch today.

We hope you like this new workout. This is a unique one, so tell me what you think once you have tried it.