100,000 FB Minutes

This was kind of a cool milestone I hit with my FB stats today! 100,000 minutes of FB activity! I checked my stats yesterday and was at 99,913. I wanted to get that to an even 100,000 (caz why not?), so I opted to make up that 87-minute gap with this 1000 Calorie workout: https://www.fitnessblender.com/videos/epic-1000-calorie-workout-at-home-total-body-hiit-plus-cardio-strength-training-and-stretching

and just like that: Bam! 100,000 FB Minutes + 1000 Calorie Workout Complete!

Thank you FB for being here, and for providing me with this much enjoyable, consistent, and largely free(!) activity in my life.

Thank you K & D, and the entire FB Team for all that you do, and all that you've done over the years. This wouldn't be possible without you! And thank you FB Fam for being here, being supportive, and being awesome during all those 100,000 minutes!

I look forward to getting to 200,000 FB-minute mark and beyond!

Take care everybody, and Happy New Year!