Epic 1000 Calorie Workout at Home - Total Body HIIT plus Cardio, Strength Training, & Stretching


Calorie burn:

866 to 1136





Equipment Needed:

Dumbbell, Exercise Band, No Equipment

Workout type:

Cardiovascular, HIIT, Strength Training, Toning

Body focus:


Workout Details

Burning 1000 calories in a single bout definitely falls into the “epic” workout category and with this workout that is exactly what we were striving for. We wanted to build a single workout video that would not only fulfill the tall order of burning 1000 calories but would also do it in a way that would not run you into the ground before you were done. We feel we have found a great balance of being hard enough to burn the full 1k - but with it still being moderate enough to be able to actually finish.

With that said this routine is not for everyone. It requires a significant time commitment and forces you to burn all of your carbohydrate stores to the point where you are running on almost nothing but fat content. Because of this, when you are done with this 1000 calorie workout routine you can feel shaky, disoriented, grumpy, and mentally and physically sluggish. Though this routine will be most effective at burning fat if you do not consume any calories during the course of its 86 minutes, some of you may want to consume a small amount of some type of liquid carbohydrate to keep your energy levels up, especially if you know you are particularly sensitive to having low blood sugar.

This routine has its pros and cons as any workout would that takes on the task of burning 1000 calories but we feel we have found a great way to hit that mark by moving quickly and repeating as few exercises as possible so you don’t get bored.

Though each of the sections in this 86 minute video burn energy at different rates we have estimated an average calorie burn for the workout to be around 10-13 calories per minute when averaged out for the whole routine. Also keep in mind that your individual level of effort has a huge impact on how many calories you burn so the harder you push yourself the closer to the top end of the range you will be. This workout is estimated to burn a total of 866-1136 calories in 86 minutes and this does not include the after burn effect caused by HIIT routines and Strength Training so the cumulative effect of this routine is much higher than just our estimated calorie burn.

1000 Calorie Workout

Cardio Warm Up - 40 Seconds each: This section will take around 5 minutes to complete and is done straight through without rest in between exercises.

- Lateral Steps + Alternating Arm Circles
- Shallow Lateral Lunges + Arm Pulls
- 4 Torso Twists + Knee Up
- Jog in Place
- Lunges + Arm Sweep & Reach
- High Knee Pulls
- Jumping Jacks
- Butt Kickers

HIIT Component: This section will take around 36 minutes to complete and is done in a Tabata structure of 20 seconds on and 10 seconds of rest. You will do each exercise once in a group of 4 sets (2 minutes per exercise) with a 20 second rest between exercises.

1 Mt Top Squat Jumps
2 Burpee Squat Holds
3 Lateral Hops + Center Jump
4 Plank Walk + 2 Plank Jacks
5 3 Heel Tap + Jump Squat
6 Pull Jacks
7 Fly Jacks
8 Quick Squats + Inside Heel Tap

2 Minute Break

9 Lateral Jumps
10 180 Get Ups
11 2 Hooks 2 Uppercuts + 2 Jumping Jacks
12 Squat + Overhead Lift (Single Arm Clean and Press)
13 Traveling Push Ups
14 4 Butt Kickers + 2 Lunges
15 Static Running Man Knees
16 Jumping Jacks

Strength Training/Toning: In this section we will be doing 10 repetitions of 6 different total body exercises. We will go through one set of each exercise before starting again for a second set. This section will take roughly 14 minutes.

1 Pullover + Jackknife Crunch
2 Weighted Squats + Overhead Press
3 Deadlift + Row
4 Bridge + Chest Press
5 Alternating Lunges + Curls
6 Ski Squat + Tricep Kickbacks

Core (abs, obliques and lower back): In this section we will be going through 9 different exercises performing each for 50 seconds straight before moving to the next. This section should take around 20 minutes to complete as we are going through this section for two rounds.

1 Single Leg Drops
2 Toe Touch Crunches
3 Side Plank Raises (Left)
4 Side Plank Raises (Right)
5 Back Bows
6 Single Limb Oblique Jackknife Crunch
7 Flutterkicks
8 V Leg Crunches
9 Static Plank

Cool Down & Stretch: This section is comprised of 11 exercises to target the major muscles used throughout this lengthy workout. Each motion or stretch is done for 20 seconds.

1 Inside Thigh Stretch + Arm Cross Pull (L & R)
2 Hip Flexor + Triceps Stretch (L & R)
3 Quadricep Stretch (L & R)
4 Wall Chest Stretch (L & R)
5 Forward Bend + Shoulder Stretch
6 Downward Facing Dog
7 Deep Glute Stretch (L & R)
8 Supine Torso Stretch (L & R)
9 Cobra Stretch
10 Cat Stretch
11 Child’s Pose

What did you think of this 1000 calorie workout routine? Were you able to finish it? Would you like to see more like it? Speak up, we listen!



04/23/15 6:34am

I started doing these workouts last november. Now I got through this without hitting pause and pushing myself hard. :) So proud!


04/11/15 2:52pm

Annnnnnnnd so I decided to tackle this 1,000 Calorie burn epic exercise workout. Did you complete it... you ask? No. Did you at least do each of the reps once through? Um, no. What I did was LOVE the water breaks and am digging on the STOP button. They were my only friends today. Ugh. I WILL attempt it again. I will. When Daniel put up that blue break screen...it was heaven. When I heard his voice again after 2 minutes proclaiming it was time to begin again...I have to admit....I cringed. Normally, I like to hear him...but not today after the breaks. Why is he and Kelli doing this to us? Why...for the love of heaven....WHY??? :-)


03/29/15 7:03am

03/18/15 8:22pm

love it! the fact that i can do this workout truly shows my fitness progress!


03/18/15 1:25pm

Epic? Yess!
You are still smiling through it all.
Challenging to get through. But feels great to have it done. Thanks you guys rock and are so inspiring:)


02/02/15 12:51pm

OMG! AWESOME workout!!!


01/24/15 10:54am


12/21/14 2:02pm

The perfect kick start after three days of festivities with family and friends! Daniel, your tutorials are tremendously helpful and keep me inspired to give it a little more when in reality I want to stop. You guys are the BEST


11/17/14 6:21pm

You need to add some more 1000 calories workouts like this one :) They are great!


08/20/14 9:09pm

this is the most workout i love it >>>


08/05/14 8:23am

May I finish this workout partially?
To be more specific, about 20 minutes in the morning, 20 minutes in the noon, 20 minutes in the afternoon and then another 20 minutes in the evening.
Will the result still be the same?

I really need an answer, please :)


08/04/14 2:36pm

I did this workout in the morning following a night of a LOT of carbs, definitely helped me get through this workout! The carbs helped my workout and the workout helped the overload on carbs hahaha. I finished the whole thing. I kind of surprised myself! :)


07/09/14 10:26am

Welp!!! I made it to 12:00 lol..... I'll be back though!!!


07/09/14 10:12am

I'm about to try this....... I need a challenge. Hope I can make it!!!


07/06/14 9:07am

Love all your 1000 calorie workouts! Love this one with no BURPEES!


07/04/14 2:49pm

this just became my favorite workout!! i've been doing your workouts for a couple months now and am kind of amazed i could get through this!! always so motivating being able to complete one. i thought i'd get tired or bored by the end (87 whole minutes??) but miraculously i got through it and it was even kinda fun!! thanks for providing free content to the masses!

eva s.

07/04/14 10:58am

FANTASTIC WORKOUT, one of my favourites!
I think I'm becoming a fitness maniac (in a good way!:P) since I came across your videos!

"Would you like to see more like it?" Definitely YES!!!

P.S. I specifically loved the structure of this one, btw :)


06/29/14 11:32am

AWESOME workout!!! The abs part was especially hard at the end!


06/25/14 2:32pm

loved this!


06/03/14 5:12pm

This workout is fantastic :) Guys i love your videos and there's a question ... What're workouts do you suggest to do along with HITT routine if i do it three times a week ?? I mean for the rest of week ..


05/25/14 9:55am

What do you recommend to eat after this workout for recovery?


05/24/14 3:55pm

I did not eat enough carbs before trying this, and boy do I regret it! I had to pause a lot during the HIIT portion, and there was just no way I could do a single flutter kick at the end so I did another 50secs of single leg drops instead. BUT I MADE IT! This was my first 1000 calorie workout, feeling pretty proud (and lightheaded) now, needless to say, next time I will fuel up properly. Thank you D&K!


05/17/14 2:20pm

Kelli your smile is contagious and you always motivate me to keep going! Hope to see more vids narrated/directed/done by you :)


05/16/14 3:07pm

Hi Daniel, Hi Kelli !
I've been doing all the 1000 calories workouts you've posted but I got a problem on this one particularly.
I've got a Heart Rate monitor and I usually burn about 200 more calories than the "low" estimation. Except for this workout. I barely finished at 775 calories burnt. Did all the exercises, not as fast as you, Kelli (you're just inhuman, it's impressive !). Don't know where this can come from. I was feeling like I was less sweating than usual, too, even if I pushed myself as hard as I could.
If you have any tips, I'd be glad to read it :)
Cheers from France !


05/11/14 2:34pm

If I do the HIIT portion earlier in the day and complete the strength and core work later will that still provide an effective workout? Or for a higher calorie burn is it better to do all at once? I'm usually strapped for time so I like splitting workouts over the course of the day.


05/10/14 5:33am

I love this and all of the 1000 calorie workouts (except the Insane one. I couldn't follow it). A bit over a year ago a jumping jack was near on impossible, but with determination and the help of Kelli and Daniel I quickly worked up to doing the full 1000 cal workouts. HIIT makes the day so much better, and great for weight loss too (24 lbs). I like alternating Daniel with Kelli's workouts to get a better mixture of moves. Thank you both so much


04/29/14 9:40am

Woooo! Sorry guys, it's Andrea again :-) I just completed my first 1000 cal workout and I'm ready for more (when I've recuperated of course).



04/28/14 9:28pm

I started Fitness Blender on March 1, 2014 when I was at my lowest self esteem when it came to my physical appearance. I always was active and fit when I was a teen and in my twenties, but when I became a mother, I forgot to take care of myself healthwise. I'm so happy to say that after only two months of kicking my butt with your videos (I love HITT!!!!!), I've lost 10 lbs, which doesn't seem like much, but my muscles are more toned making me look like I lost 20lbs. My clothes are looser and my self image has improved so much. Now, my goal of loosing another 50 lbs doesn't sound so hard anymore!

I'm going to attempt my very first 1000 cal workout in the morning.... I hope I don't get cold feet! Thank you so much for everything, Kelli and Daniel!!


04/01/14 9:12pm

I've been doing Fitness Blender on my own for a month now and I'm feeling great! I am still rummaging up the courage to do one of your 1000 cal workouts. My question is this.... My only free time is a few hours in the morning after my kids go to school, would it be okay to do this workout in the morning before eating anything? I usually drink water, do an intense workout at about 8:30 a.m., shower, then eat a late breakfast. I'm afraid I'll faint if I do this first thing in the morning w/o eating. Any thoughts or advice from fellow Fitness Blenders is welcome! Thanks!!!


03/26/14 2:46pm

this was soo great, and intense! completely kicked my booty! the 4 Plank Walk + 2 Plank Jacks...could not finish those (but that gives me a challenge!!). P.S. Finished this while my infant son was napping!!!!


03/23/14 5:13pm

Thanks for the variety in this workout!


03/08/14 2:42pm

I try to do this workout or one of the other 60+ minutes every other day. On alternate days, if not too sore, I do an easier 30 min, targeting upper of lower body or abs. Nice mix & LOVE this website. On of the best out there! Thank You!!!


03/01/14 10:37pm

Did it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!yahoo.....


02/28/14 11:40pm

My favorite 1000 Calorie Workout! Thanks tons!


02/26/14 11:39pm

Thank's for this HIIT workout!! It was a little bit hard for me in burpee part, but in general all was feasible.


02/16/14 10:03am

Well it took about 30 minutes longer than it should have due to a very cranky, teething baby but I finished it!! :)


02/08/14 11:46am

Great workout! Very intense due to its length and especially the abs section was really good..Thank you guys for doing this!


02/01/14 10:53am

Awesome work out. A good work out when you have time. I am pretty strong with cardio but weak in the core. The only time I was struggling was during the Ab exercises. Love these 1000 calorie work outs because it really works the entire body and I love the burn. Thank you


01/25/14 10:29am

love how much i hate this ;)


01/18/14 7:05am

I just want to say thanks! Thank you!
Thanks to you I started working out and doing a fitness right in front watching the video!
I'm very lazy, do not like going to the gym or work out when there are people around ..
And I searched long and free fitness exercises such as yours, full, and there will be many, with warm-up exercises,
And so professionally and of course with explanations!
And here I found a thank you because of you I'm really starting to gain strength and practice,


01/10/14 8:29pm

I am a mother of four and have a husband who works long hours. I typically hate indoor workouts and love running, cycling, and swimming. But my season in life isn't allowing for that. All that to say, I greatly appreciate fitness blender. I have come to be content with indoor workouts for the first time ever, knowing my entire body is getting the workout I love and need. Thank you for this free gift!


12/26/13 12:19am

This workout was amazing!! Second time doing it and it is merciless!!! That's why it's my favorite!! :) keep making more 1000K workouts, they are soooo satisfying!!


12/23/13 7:41am

I normally do a 10 to 20 min workout depending on how much time I have when I wake up. I always wanted to try these but never had enough time. Then Winter break happen and I"m on the 2 min break now... really breaking a sweat...even though I skipped some of the sets in the rounds toward the end.. I was getting dizzy. I'm playing Jock jams to keep me motivated and I like it, wish I normally had more time so I could burn more cals like this but one day is better then none. :-) Love your guys videos, and much thanks for getting me in better shape without requiring a gym membership :-)


12/18/13 10:15pm

More please. I love these types of workouts!


12/18/13 5:41am

I love this workout! When I need my butt kicked I do this one! I am not perfect in form on everything (which I am working on) but I can make it through it and after the hiit portion I feel very accomplished throughout the rest! Please make more 1000 calorie workouts! :) This one is my favorite because it has the highest minimum calorie burn!


12/07/13 12:38pm

OMG! I just finished this one and I am BEAT! The core part was intense...usually I am good with core exercises but these were so challenging. Feeling good! Thank you guys :)


11/25/13 1:02am

Youch. Pushed through the entire thing but feel guilty I may not have burned as many calories as possible because I had to take longer pauses during HIIT part, was literally getting light in the head from being so out of breath. And with the core/ab exercises like the flutter kicks I couldn't keep proper form for one reason or another. I seem to have an incredibly weak core or something with very little strength. I also found it impossible to hold my legs out perfectly straight. Very challenging and I wonder if it would get easier if I did it every other day? Was not going to work out at all tonight and then decided if I am going to push myself, am going all the way. Glad I did.


11/18/13 11:17am

Those '180 Get Ups'... Woof. Great workout guys, thanks for all that you do :-) Through your videos you're literally making the world a better (and fitter) place.


11/15/13 2:52am

Thanks so much for putting these workouts together. You have to be meticulously organized to create and manage it all. Plus be fit! Excellent work. A million thanks for your contribution to all of us and society!


11/01/13 3:34am

Is it ok to do this workout often, if if I'm not planning to lose weight? I'm already quite slim and lost 4 kg since starting your workouts!


10/19/13 10:24pm

I loved this workout! The mountain top squat jumps, the pull jacks and the static runners were very difficult they were spectacular!! I really liked the strength training portion and the abs were some serious business!!! You guys are a gift that I found in June in Hawaii to get in some workouts one month before my 12th birthday!! I tackled all three of you 1,000 calorie workouts in about 2 weeks and I was so lucky to have found you!!!:) thanks and can you make another 1,000 calorie workout I know Daniel recently did one but if you can orchestrate a new one I would be game to try it! Thanks from Arizona from a 7th grader!


10/15/13 7:39am

The HIIT portion of this routine is perfect in terms of length and, if you bump up the difficulty *just* a *very small touch* (say, replace quick squats and running man knees with something very slightly harder), it would be a perfect standalone routine. In other words, I would love, love, love to see a HIIT routine like this one as a standalone workout! 16 exercises, 2 minutes each, 2 minute break halfway through, with warmup and cooldown: PERFECT. Just a thought! :)


10/12/13 12:21pm

AMAZING!!! Just finished. Little shaky but I feel awesome! Had to talk myself into such a long workout but I am glad I did!


09/28/13 12:20pm

When I get off track for the weekend or a vacation I like to come home to one of your 1000 calorie workouts. It reminds me that the burger and fries were so not worth the grueling workout to sustain my weight loss. Haha! It's an awesome workout but I only do it when I must.


09/25/13 10:58am

This is an amazing complete workout routine...as a 1st timer who did it I managed to pull through but left about 20mints of it due to feeling weird...better luck next time...but I have to thank Daniel & Kelli for all these videos, they are just amazing and I really felt great after doing this...Thank again...


09/13/13 12:26am

I did it!!!


09/07/13 4:34pm

I have been doing your HIIT workouts for 3 months now. Today was the 1st time I mustered up the courage to take on a 1000 calorie workout and it was BRUTAL...I love it! I can't tell you how much you guys have done for me. I have 4 kids and I haven't seen my body like this since High School...I have a 6 pack starting to show, A 6 PACK! Thank you both for your generosity. It has been life changing. XOXO


09/05/13 6:28am

Made it! Feel quite powerless but great :) Thanks for another great workout!


08/26/13 1:37pm

This workout is no joke! Exactly what I needed to jolt me back in to reality after a weekend away, splurging. Loved each different set and the sheer difficulty of it all.


08/24/13 3:33pm

I took a lot of breaks and made some minor modifications, but I've finally finished this, and I feel spectacular. Thanks Fitness Blender for improving...well, pretty much everything about my fitness level and body image, haha.


08/21/13 12:18am

This is a great work-out, and I regularly do it before breakfast. However, I find myself jogging in place during the breaks to keep warm and am wondering whether you would consider doing a slightly harder one to burn 1500kcal in one go. I know I could add another work out at the end, but the time factor plays a role and I am by then usually too lazy to do that ;-) Thanks for all the great work outs, though, really loving this site!


08/16/13 8:03am

Tried this again last night. Still hard. Your body feels it the


08/13/13 1:44pm

Wow.. Just when you think you made it out of the hard exercises you get hit with the ab workouts. Wasn't expecting the abs to be that hard. It was great! It doesn't feel as long as it looks. Thanks


08/10/13 5:21am

I'm just smiling so hard because I just completed this. OMG!!! This was TOUGH and it didn't bore me.


07/31/13 9:02pm

I actually really like all your HIIT workout routine. I usually keep doing 1 HIIT workout from your site 3 times a week, then, change to different HIIT workout the next week. But I think this is very great that I want to keep doing this for a month or so.


07/26/13 1:20am

I tried this today and though in some ways I felt great afterwards I was about ready to fall out too...I'm gonna try and do this workout once a week just to keep me on my toes and see how my endurance and ability to do the burpees and similar exercises improve through time...my plank exercises have already gotten better...I've still got a long way to go to get where I wanna be weight and fitness wise I think this will be a good weekly fit test for me


07/23/13 8:49am

How Many Times Am I Suppose To Do These 1000 Calorie Workout To Lose Up To About 5-10lbs? I weigh 121lbs and 5'1 in.


07/17/13 3:13pm

Pretty much cursing your name when I had to plank at the end...Geesh...epic is right!
Thanks (I think...)


07/11/13 4:45pm

Please, please post another 1,000 calorie workout, I have done all three and I loved them! Thank you and keep pushing all of us! Great job for everyone who workouts with them


07/07/13 10:54am

This was so hard, but I finished everything! My legs wouldn't cooperate on the abs section, so I had to improvise to continue exercising. I am sure I should be able to do it better next time. It was a GREAT workout. I didn't feel too sick, and the breaks were like salvation LOL it gave me enough strength to continue...


07/05/13 1:53pm

I think this is the easiest of the 1000 HIIT routines...clearly not that it's a walk in the park BY ANY MEANS, but it's less burpee heavy than the others, a good one to start off with if it's your 1st time doing the 1000 calorie workouts!


08/21/13 12:21am

I agree, I also find burpees a lot harder than say jumping jacks or a kickboxing routine. Still good all body workout, though! :-)


06/23/13 8:50am

I love these 1000 calorie workouts that y'all give us. I am confused because I have read articles that say you should do strength training before any cardio. I am trying to lower my body fat % and am wondering if this would have any impact on my goal. I am at 22.8% now and would like to get down to about 19%.
Thank you for everything. I effin love what you two do!


06/21/13 5:18am

Nice workout!! I would like see Daniel doing these 1000 calories routines haha


07/05/13 1:50pm

Good point...it's always Kelli doing the 1000 HIIT! As a woman, I find it motivating & empowering to do it with her though...


06/07/13 2:18pm

Wow.. This was a butt kicker galore. I really felt this whole work out and was glad for the 2 minute water break. I ended up drinking a gallon of water during this work out.. Loved it.. Am most in need of a shower... Thanks for the great work outs. Love the program...


05/30/13 1:49pm

More workouts like this!


05/20/13 3:09pm

as much as i love the other two 1000 calories burners, nothing compares to this original one!! please make more like this with max calorie burn!!!! xx


04/30/13 8:33am

one of the best, especially the HIIT routines. I also like the other 1000 cal workout. I cant thank you guys enough for all your hard work on these videos, they truly are awesome and its so inspiring to be "coached" by such beautiful people- inside and out :)


04/24/13 9:22am

Has anyone encountered a 'glitch' in this, while viewing on youtube? This has happened 3 times now. At the very end of the strength session, but before the Ab session begins, the picture freezes. Freezes with the image of the last ski jump row, but with the text showing the Abs & Obliques session next. I don't know the time stamp because it goes right to 00 but the calorie count range was 599 low / 786 high.

I feel bad reporting something negative like this especially after knowing how hard you two are working, Kelli doing so much for the new site :)


04/17/13 6:05am

Did this workout yesterday, my second time. I did tell myself 'that's enough' after 70 minutes, so I skipped the second ab routine and cooldown/stretch. I like this workout very much! the time goes by very quickly. To baby my knees I do modify a few moves, but I keep going. I myself like the 4X repeat, as opposed to an 8X. I don't have a wide range of handweights, wish I did. Eight pounders don't seem to be much for the chest work, while my 15 pounders are a little too much. But I will work with what I have :)


04/12/13 2:03pm

Great sense of achievment after completing this workout. Thanks very much Daniel & Kelli.


03/20/13 12:30pm

I did this workout this morning, wow! I was working out in a 58 degree room and with a fan on, I was still sweating through the cardio portion! You do NOT get bored during this workout.

Fitnessblender is giving me such great incentive to not only continue daily working out (which I have done for years) but more important for me, to commit to clean/moderate eating, so I can melt this fat off to show my muscles :)


03/12/13 1:37pm

Just did this workout because I can't get to a gym and the weather is completely terrible! Snow in March! Does it really burn up to 1000 calories? I was tough I admit but even running for an hour and a half would only burn around 800-900 by my estimations.


03/03/13 11:19pm

I just started the 8 week weight loss program but i'm wanting to do this workout. do you think I should do this workout every week to replace one of the other workouts from the program???


03/02/13 1:43pm

This is our Saturday workout and we Love it!! Both 1,000 calorie workouts are fantastic. Offering such a range of exercises that allow you to actually get through the entire thing without checking the time every 5 minutes. Thanks you guys!!
Jamie & Dave
Denver, CO


02/02/13 10:22am

Just finished and I absolutely LOVED it!!! I usually run 5 miles a day but wanted a little change in my workout plan and this was perfect. I've been using this site to help structure my workouts and I just had to comment after doing this one!! Great burn!! Thank you!!


01/29/13 10:26pm

Can I do this workout everyday?


12/15/13 9:30am

According to Kelli and Daniel, this 1000 calories workout should not be done more than 3 times a week :)


11/01/13 1:31pm



01/24/13 12:58pm

Great workout - love that includes a bit of everything, and doesn't seem nearly as long as it is due to the variety of exercises. Thank you!

minnie mouse

01/20/13 7:06pm

Fantastic! Finally did it all today! I did it once and wimped out after the end of the first abs section, but my abs are much stronger now, so I made it through! It was a lot of fun! More? :o)


01/18/13 6:57pm

I absolutely LOVE this workout! It wasn't easy but still doable. May you please make more of these? What an awesome workout! :D


01/15/13 4:34am

I love your workouts and this is... hard but great!!!:)


01/13/13 1:12pm

This was an absolutely awesome workout ! The abs were killers but I seriously loved it !
You did an amazing job at not getting us bored and it never felt like the workout was too long or anything like that ! When I got to the stretching part I was like "already ?"
Thanks so much for all the hard work and love you're putting into your videos, you're doing such a great job :D


01/12/13 5:57am

This video is amazing, not only for the workout but even for how it is structured: the preview of the next exercise, the comments... never watched something like that before! Thank you!!


01/11/13 1:13pm

Hi, I've tried most of your hardest routines and I love them. I tried this routine this morning and is amazing. I liked it so much, I felt great, and I think it is very complete because it includes almost everything: warm-up, full body, functional, cardio, endurance, strength, cool-down and stretching. I'd like to see a routine like this but with body weight and balance exercises, instead of weighs. Thank you very much, I'm your fan, you are great. :)


01/10/13 10:43pm

Did this tonight!! It was a lot of fun and what I loved about it was that I didn't feel like it was dragging on. Even though it's about 90 minutes, it went by so quickly! I'm a 20 year old female, pretty active and my HRM said I burned about 685 calories. I might have to go at a quicker pace and use heavier weights to see the maximum burn, but I'm definitely going to do this more often! :)


01/06/13 8:02pm

My husband and I did this workout today. (We are both in our 50's). Just when you think you can do no more it switches to the weight portion. We only did one round of the abs instead of the 2 because we were short on time. We both thought it was awesome!! The stretching was great too, and something I do not get in my functional fitness classes. Thank you!!


01/06/13 11:02am

loved this i also started the insanity workout and i prefer this because you use weights for strength training! please create more of these workout routines please :D


01/06/13 7:10am

I am a fitness instructor and have been out of work for 3+ weeks due to this endless cycle of sickness between myself and kids. Well, it's finally time to go back to work. It's not easy jumping right back into exercise when the body has been dormant for a while.

I decided to do this routine because it involves mainly bodyweight and HIIT cardio. I'm very thankful for this routine. I was able to complete this routine in my living room while my son watched TV (and coughed) as I took up minimal space. No music necessary.

In fact, my class would love this routine, but I would feel like I was stealing material.

Please incorporate more routines like this into your website!!!! Good stuff!!!!


01/06/13 12:07am

Is it alright if i don't have the weights? Will it affect any major calorie burning?


01/05/13 1:07pm

Loved it! Thank you!


01/05/13 10:00am

Can't wait to do this! Just got back from a run so it will be my Sunday morning workout.


01/04/13 6:30am

that was crazy I just did this workout today and feeling great,you guys never make me bored with your exercises,I mean I thought this is going to be a long boring and annoying workout but nope it was fun even if it's very intense especially the abs and obliques section,thank you so much for making such a workout availlable,and I have a general question I want you to answer for me,is it true that after working out you should take a shower with water only and don't use any chemical products like soap because your skin pores are open by the time you finish exercising,please give me the real information about this if you can and thanx again :)


01/03/13 9:29pm

I tried this workout last night. It was a great workout, I did feel a little light headed toward the end! Expected after burning that many calories! My only question, and I see it was asked before, how often would you recommend doing this workout? Thank you!!


01/03/13 1:33pm



01/03/13 1:33pm

Whoa this was a good workout !
If I do Tea Bo like this exercise can I get the same results in calorie loss?


01/02/13 8:29pm

Such an epic workout! I just finished it and I'm feeling muscles I haven't felt in a long time! Great job


01/02/13 1:55pm

how often would u recommend someone to do this workout


01/02/13 5:38am

Awesome workout!!! I did it this morning to start out my New Year and it was hard but fun!!! Thank you very much for taking to time out to put such an awesome workout together!!! Can't wati for the next one!!!!


01/01/13 11:32pm

No chance of becoming bored...what a great workout! Thanks.

I just completed the workout. I wore my HRM to see what kind of calories I burned, I used 721 calories, not the 1000 but I really worked hard with my heart rate hovering in the high 180s during the HIIT section. Thanks again for another professional and high quality workout!


01/01/13 5:25pm

I really liked this workout. I skipped one day from the 2nd 8 week workout to try this. The toughest part of the workout for me was the core section. I need to improve that area because I don't work it out enough. But, at the same time I have to watch my lower back. I've had back surgery and am very cautious. I liked this as well as the other workouts you post. I'm looking forward to what my body will look like by March. Thank you for all that you do! :)


01/01/13 1:14pm

It looks really hard... How do you keep going without getting so bored:\


10/02/14 10:43am

My favorite way to not get bored is to put the video on mute and to listen to other stuff while I work out. Whatever you're interested in- you can listen to it in the background via youtube or mp3.

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