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Epic 1000 Calorie Workout at Home - Total Body HIIT plus Cardio, Strength Training, & Stretching

87 Min • Total Body, Lower Body
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    • Training Type Cardiovascular, HIIT, Strength Training, Toning
    • Equipment Dumbbell, Exercise Band, No Equipment
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    Burning 1000 calories in a single bout definitely falls into the “epic” workout category and with this workout that is exactly what we were striving for. We wanted to build a single workout video that would not only fulfill the tall order of burning 1000 calories but would also do it in a way that would not run you into the ground before you were done. We feel we have found a great balance of being hard enough to burn the full 1k - but with it still being moderate enough to be able to actually finish.

    With that said this routine is not for everyone. It requires a significant time commitment and forces you to burn all of your carbohydrate stores to the point where you are running on almost nothing but fat content. Because of this, when you are done with this 1000 calorie workout routine you can feel shaky, disoriented, grumpy, and mentally and physically sluggish. Though this routine will be most effective at burning fat if you do not consume any calories during the course of its 86 minutes, some of you may want to consume a small amount of some type of liquid carbohydrate to keep your energy levels up, especially if you know you are particularly sensitive to having low blood sugar.

    This routine has its pros and cons as any workout would that takes on the task of burning 1000 calories but we feel we have found a great way to hit that mark by moving quickly and repeating as few exercises as possible so you don’t get bored.

    Though each of the sections in this 86 minute video burn energy at different rates we have estimated an average calorie burn for the workout to be around 10-13 calories per minute when averaged out for the whole routine. Also keep in mind that your individual level of effort has a huge impact on how many calories you burn so the harder you push yourself the closer to the top end of the range you will be. This workout is estimated to burn a total of 866-1136 calories in 86 minutes and this does not include the after burn effect caused by HIIT routines and Strength Training so the cumulative effect of this routine is much higher than just our estimated calorie burn.

    1000 Calorie Workout

    Cardio Warm Up - 40 Seconds each: This section will take around 5 minutes to complete and is done straight through without rest in between exercises.

    - Lateral Steps + Alternating Arm Circles
    - Shallow Lateral Lunges + Arm Pulls
    - 4 Torso Twists + Knee Up
    - Jog in Place
    - Lunges + Arm Sweep & Reach
    - High Knee Pulls
    - Jumping Jacks
    - Butt Kickers

    HIIT Component: This section will take around 36 minutes to complete and is done in a Tabata structure of 20 seconds on and 10 seconds of rest. You will do each exercise once in a group of 4 sets (2 minutes per exercise) with a 20 second rest between exercises.

    1 Mt Top Squat Jumps
    2 Burpee Squat Holds
    3 Lateral Hops + Center Jump
    4 Plank Walk + 2 Plank Jacks
    5 3 Heel Tap + Jump Squat
    6 Pull Jacks
    7 Fly Jacks
    8 Quick Squats + Inside Heel Tap

    2 Minute Break

    9 Lateral Jumps
    10 180 Get Ups
    11 2 Hooks 2 Uppercuts + 2 Jumping Jacks
    12 Squat + Overhead Lift (Single Arm Clean and Press)
    13 Traveling Push Ups
    14 4 Butt Kickers + 2 Lunges
    15 Static Running Man Knees
    16 Jumping Jacks

    Strength Training/Toning: In this section we will be doing 10 repetitions of 6 different total body exercises. We will go through one set of each exercise before starting again for a second set. This section will take roughly 14 minutes.

    1 Pullover + Jackknife Crunch
    2 Weighted Squats + Overhead Press
    3 Deadlift + Row
    4 Bridge + Chest Press
    5 Alternating Lunges + Curls
    6 Ski Squat + Tricep Kickbacks

    Core (abs, obliques and lower back): In this section we will be going through 9 different exercises performing each for 50 seconds straight before moving to the next. This section should take around 20 minutes to complete as we are going through this section for two rounds.

    1 Single Leg Drops
    2 Toe Touch Crunches
    3 Side Plank Raises (Left)
    4 Side Plank Raises (Right)
    5 Back Bows
    6 Single Limb Oblique Jackknife Crunch
    7 Flutterkicks
    8 V Leg Crunches
    9 Static Plank

    Cool Down & Stretch: This section is comprised of 11 exercises to target the major muscles used throughout this lengthy workout. Each motion or stretch is done for 20 seconds.

    1 Inside Thigh Stretch + Arm Cross Pull (L & R)
    2 Hip Flexor + Triceps Stretch (L & R)
    3 Quadricep Stretch (L & R)
    4 Wall Chest Stretch (L & R)
    5 Forward Bend + Shoulder Stretch
    6 Downward Facing Dog
    7 Deep Glute Stretch (L & R)
    8 Supine Torso Stretch (L & R)
    9 Cobra Stretch
    10 Cat Stretch
    11 Child’s Pose

    What did you think of this 1000 calorie workout routine? Were you able to finish it? Would you like to see more like it? Speak up, we listen!