Hello there, Nikki here and I'm super excited to be a part of a healthy community! I enjoy the outdoors, hiking, jogging, walking, sledding, cold weather, family, kayaking, and of course FOOD, but most of all my JEEP rides with top down and doors off!

My workout history goes back to high school. I struggled running(or I like to describe it as falling forward) the mile in under 14 minutes😏 I have asthma and that's been a struggle, but I'm determined to not let it couch me👊

Fast forward to 2020... I'm 41 with 9 children and yet still working out, 'uphill' it seems at times, but in the game!

I just recently came across FB on You Tube and LOVED it, but am here to be more a part of a family of fitness! You guys coaching as a husband and wife team with no scratchy music in the background is AWESOME! I'm organizing a system of different workouts while focusing on endurance and another 5k 'hopefully' in the future!

Thanks for this community, I hope to be a help and find it back!