Yet Another Addition to my Favorites List + Old School Challenge

I started the Old School Challenge yesterday, and one of the options for Day 1 was one of my favorite Pilates routines -

I was feeling good after that and decided to tack on some additional LB strength work and I happened upon this little gem: | I gave it a go with a couple of resistance bands and bodyweight since I'm still rebuilding my leg strength, but that did not prevent me from working up a good sweat. I really enjoyed the way that the exercises flowed - it felt different than other leg routines even if it was the familiar AB AB structure. Also, those Cross Over Lunges were great once I got the hang of them; my quads and hips are toast today! I can't wait to try this workout again when I'm stronger. Have you all ever tried this video? Did you like it? What do you pair it with?

Side note: I am loving the Old School challenge so far. The voiceover videos are challenging and while they don't have all the bells and whistles of the current content, they are simple to adapt once you have experience with the newer style of videos imo. Also, it looks like I can make it through the whole thing without having to do any HIIT 😁

Thanks for reading and enjoy the rest of your day!