New for FB Plus in December: 2 Week FB20 Challenge

Good morning FB Family!

I just pushed December's new 2 Week Challenge live:

FB Plus Short and Sweet Challenge: Under 20 Minutes a Day

This 2 Week “Short and Sweet” Challenge features workouts that are just 10-20 minutes in length. It’s for people who feel like they don’t have time to workout, and people who are looking for an attainable goal to hit in building an exercise habit. It will also work great for people who are otherwise active through their work, or other sports or hobbies (think running, hiking, biking), who want to make sure they’re consistently getting in a short workout of intentional, balanced movement.

This is our tenth unique 2 Week Challenge! View the full list of FB Plus 2 Week Challenges here

If anyone wants to join me, I’m planning on tackling this new Challenge this month.

Now for the big question: What challenge/program should we build for release in January 2021?

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See you later this week for more fun FB stuff coming your way!