4 New FB Plus workout videos just launched! +New 2 Week Challenge tomorrow

Good Morning FB Family,

We just launched 4 new FB Plus workout videos for tomorrow's new 2 Week Fundamentals Challenge!

Tomorrow morning I will publish the FB Plus 2 Week Fundamentals Challenge. We created these new videos specifically for this October Challenge and we might do the same going forward.

So - important question: What Challenge should we build for November? We were thinking of something intense, since we just released a Beginner Challenge in July and this posture focused challenge in October. Any ideas? Keep in mind that you'll also get a couple of new videos of the same theme! As of tomorrow there will be 16 weeks - 4 months - worth of 2 Week Challenges included with FB Plus! View all Challenges here

I'm going to be following along with the Fundamentals Challenge, starting tomorrow. Anyone want to join me? This time, I have a goal of doing it consecutively (it usually takes me 6-9 weeks to do a 4 week program haha). Because the workouts are so gentle and body-smart, these workouts are more like self care, & I will have no excuse to push them off. I am going to try and check in a couple of times a week as I make my way through - feel free to join me!

We hope you enjoy these new videos. Let us know what you would like to see for the November Challenge!

Kelli & Daniel

PS if you're curious about FB Plus, remember that the first week is a free trial and you can cancel literally anytime with the click of a single button. FB Plus is what makes our free workout video library and this website possible. Thank you for supporting FB!