How many rest days do you take?


I just started FB Fit Round 2 (8-week program). The workouts are longer than the programs I've done previously, such as FB 30, FB Abs, etc. The workouts in FB Fit average 50+ minutes per day and the calendar shows 5 consecutive workouts in a row with a 6th day of stretching and then a rest day.

I previously tried FB Sweat by aiming to do all the extra credit videos and doing them as scheduled (5 days a week ) but I ended up with pain in my elbow, knee, and sacroiliac joint so I had to quit early on. I'm worried that doing long workouts too often again will cause injury or just make me super tired like what happened when I attempted FB Sweat.

So my question is, for the longer / more intense workouts do you follow the scheduled or do you take more rest days than the plan shows? Do you feel tired out working every day? Does your body get used to the intensity and frequency of the workouts?