Can I do multiple programs at once? (and PowerBlocks inquiry)


Hi FB fam! Long time lurker, first time poster! :)

I was wondering if anybody has done more than 1 exercise program at a time. I'm done with FB Bored Easily on Thursday (yay, my first completed program!) and I was planning on starting FB Fit on Sunday (in tandem with the meal plan). I originally tried FB Fit in December, and finished half of the program, but stopped because I went on vacation the following month, and then moved out, and wasn't motivated to exercise lol. There was a lot going on!

FB Strong really appeals to me; I love strength training! Having said that, I also don't want to put my body through too much... not to mention I only have 2 pairs of dumbells (5lbs and 8lbs) and will likely need to purchase a set of PowerBlocks to maximize my results and experience with the program. I was planning on getting the Sport set, and seeing as they're already $150... do I *need* to purchase the weight stand? Those aren't cheap either :( Either way, I really want to get the PowerBlocks because sometimes I feel like the workouts are too easy, and I know that's because my weights are too light.

What are your thoughts? Would doing 2 programs at once be too much? What if I separated them, and did 1 in the morning and one in the evening? And are the PowerBlocks worth buying, or do you think I should just stick with the 2 pairs of dumbbells I already own?

Thanks so much for reading :D