HKS (Healthy, Kind, Support) Accountibility Group September 13th

Happy Sunday Blender Peeps!

How are you all this fine Sunday? Anyone doing any self-care today? I woke up this morning to my windows being a bit foggy. That tells me it's a bit chilly this morning. It does make sense considering fall is around the corner. I can't wait until fall starts. The heat was actually not that bad but the cold is where it's at for me anyway.

Always remember that anyone is welcome to join the thread. Feel free share your experiences, comments, a comment to a comment or even just say a simple, "Hello!". These threads (there are three different ones) are to help motivate, encourage, and just help you feel awesome. Come by anytime! 😊

Quote of the day! "If people in the world spent more time ENcouraging more than they DIScouraged, this world would be a lot better off."

I actually randomly came up with this quote. Okay I'm sure others have came up with this quote but I worded this way because if you think about it's true. More times than not many people are so quick to downgrade and discourage than upgrade and encourage others for some reason. If roles were reversed those people would want someone to help lift them up nit bring them down so why be rude at all?

This quote came to because I remember when I still had my job. I think it was around Thanksgiving last year when I was on break with a few of my co-workers and one of them was a woman I believe in her fifties. I was one of the younger workers there along with like maybe three or four others. Many of the olders people in their I think late 20s+ had kids or went to college or are in school and just need some extra money etc, some them never went to college and have kids etc. I mention this because the woman in her 50s and I were having a conversation along with some other women and for some reason she was trying to downgrade me. I can't remember how we got to that conversation but she was telling me how she was I think 17-25 years old when she got her first house and doing all of these things and I said, "Oh wow that's cool. I've met a few people who've done that too." Then she asked me if I was in college and I said no. Then she asked me why. All I could think of was it's none of her business but I guess I'll tell her. I pretty much told her that I've been trying for a WHILE and everything just kept going wrong. Then she kept looking at the other women there like, "What's wrong with this girl? Is she for real?" I already knew what was coming. Then came the usual downgrading I usually got from most people. All I could think if was, "Man everyone I talk to just thinks I'm an idiot." At that point I just got up and walked away. She continued to talk the other women about how strange she thought I was for not being in school or having my own house. When I think back to it now I think whatever because I may have worked with her but I didn't know her but to downgrade me because you did something at a certain point because I didn't? Seems pretty harsh if you ask me. If I'm not in school or anything clearly there's a reason. I can't help but wonder why people feel the need to rub in their accomplishments instead of trying to help someone reach their own. Oh well unless they decide to stop it won't.

What do you guys think about this quote? Have you experience this or something similar to this? Feel free to share your stories.

How are your workouts looking today? What about rest days? Any food to share?

This is my last day of hosting the thread this week. Thank you all for allowing me to host again. It was fun and amazing to see that the quotes really have been helping you guys out. I also noticed I had an "encouragement quote streak" going on this week. Part of it was because I needed to hear these things while also helping you guys feel good too. According to Storm, Sharon will be hosting the thread starting tomorrow. I'm sure she'll an amazing job showing the world from her perspective. I can't wait to see what she has in store. 😁

So my last random fitness question: What's one workout video/stretching video from FitnessBlender that you do more than others? Basically which workout video/stretching video have you done the most? For me in terms of stretching I've done this one most ( A workout video...hmm...I have no clue. I can think of a few I've done a lot. Hmm...🤔.

Have a Blessed day guys!