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Refresh, Relax, and Restore: Stretching Workout for Tight Muscles

32 Min • Total Body
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    • Training Type Low Impact, Pilates, Warm Up/Cool Down, Stretching/Flexibility
    • Equipment Mat, No Equipment
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    Stretch away your tension, worries, and aches with this low impact workout that can improve both flexibility and mood.

    Sometimes you just have to take it down a notch, and this stretching routine is a great way to do that. This also makes for an awesome cool down after a more intense HIIT or strength training routine. If you're looking for something to do on your recovery day, this can be a good way to get your blood pumping and your muscles working lightly, without interrupting your body's healing process.

    You can do this stretching workout as often as you like, and you can use it in a lot of different ways. You can use it in the morning hours in order to gently wake up your brain and body for the day, and you can also use it at the end of the day in order to turn down the volume of the day's stress.

    Because it's such a light workout, you could pretty easily sneak this one in during a break at work; you wont need a shower once you're done, you don't need any equipment at all, and you might not even need to change clothes (we don't recommend working out in heels and be careful doing compromising yoga poses in a dress or suit!).

    Pointers to get the most out of this stretching workout

    • Make a conscious effort to clear your head before you start; your worries can wait until you're finished with this workout video.
    • Pretend like your stress is a tangible "thing", and set it aside before you begin. It sounds like hocus pocus but your thoughts are a powerful force that can change the way you feel physically.
    • If your brain starts to wander into stressful territory while you're stretching, readjust so that your thoughts are more positive.
    • Focus on taking deep breaths throughout the entire workout video.
    • Practice visuals of stress, strain, and strife leaving your body as you stretch the tension out of your muscles.

    Did you enjoy this stretching workout? Let us know if you would like more workouts like this one.