HKS (Healthy, Kind, Support) Accountibility Group September 12th

Hello Everyone!

How are you all doing today? I hope you are well and safe as can be.

Always remember anyone is free to join the thread and reply to comment or leave a comment of your own. If you'd like to host a week be sure to let Storm and/or Toasty know. We are always happy to help, encourage and motivate.

Quote of the day! "A million things can bring you down, find one reason to keep you up." - Unknown

This quote really speaks to me because as humans we are always trying to find every reason in the world to give up on things, not have to try again, to not have motivation, etc instead of trying to focus on the positive. Yet, when we do find that one positive thing it always manages to help keep us going and give us the strength to move on huh? That one thing is the reason why we keep going going even if we may not have multiple reasons to do something. For example, working out is difficult for a lot of people because they want to lose let's say belly fat since it's the most common thing. Many people want to give up right away or only a few days or a few weeks in because they aren't seeing a change yet or it's taking too long. Yet, if they don't get rid of the fat then they won't be as healthy or whatever the reason may be. Many people have found just that one reason whether it's too be healthy, look a certain way (which probably isn't the best motivation but somehow it helps people), they want to feel good and with that reason they go and not give to reach their goal later. Even though it takes a while it was worth it in the end.

I know there were multiple times I wanted to give up because so many negative reason kept coming to mind. If it wasn't for that one positive thought than I would still be suffering. What are your thoughts and experiences with this quote? Feel free to share.

Is anyone working out today? I personally did this routine ( and some of you may be thinking, "This is a long one." It is but it went by really quickly. I modified immensely so my joint did not hurt and even skipped a few moves that I knew I could not do. I even had to stop doing certain exercises halfway because my knees would hurt a little. I listened to my body as much as I could. In the end the burn was insane and that workout got added to my favorites. It was a new routine for me. Never underestimate pilates. Has anyone else done this routine?

Is anyone resting and relaxing today? How do plan on spending it? What do your plates look like? Any food pictures you'd all like to share? Feel free!

Random fitness question: What's your favorite kind of stretch to do? Which one makes you feel most relaxed? For me I would say....Downward Dog (when I was able to do it). It just stretches out everything.

Sorry this was a little later than usual. I was a little busy earlier. Have a Blessed day guys!