FB Sweat


Getting ready to start second round of FB Seeat tomorrow. So, the scale did not budge at all which is a bit disappointing. I know, I know: don’t worry about the scale but, c’mon! Nothing!? I digress. I feel really good, stronger and have more endurance. I took before and after pics and it’s not the glory I hoped for, but there is improvement. My goal this time around is to see if I can lift heavier. I am telling myself that slow and steady wins the race and I do love this feeling of having completed the program and having worked very hard. Hi plan to take pictures again at the end of this second round and am hoping for continued progress. I love the support I find in thus community and reading other questions, stories, frustrations and successes makes me feel motivated to go on. Kelli and Daniel, it can’t be said enough: thank you!