What order should I put my programs into for the next few months?


I just finished Bored Easily, and have FB Abs followed by FB Sweat in my calendar already.

I'm really struggling to lose body fat right now so that's why I threw in abs next, to up my cardio and see if that helps. At the same time I'm super stoked on the new FB Strong because strength training makes me feel great knowing that even if I'm not losing any fat, I'm building important muscle and strength.

I know the order of the programs don't really matter too much as long as you're working out in some way or another but any suggestions or feedback on what might be ideal?

I was just thinking of starting FB Strong tomorrow instead or abs, to really up my muscle game like a "bulking" phase, and then do Abs as a "cutting" phase to see if the fat loss is easier with more muscle, and then do FB Sweat to get a balanced mix of strength and cardio back into the routine.

Thoughts? Opinions? Help!