How Do You Use FitnessBlender?

There is a (generous) variety of videos in addition to workout programs offered at FitnessBlender. How do you use them? Do you follow programs exactly, combine them, add extra videos, skip some, make your own "program"? How do you structure your work outs? What did you start with on FitnessBlender, and how did that change over time?

It'd be great to hear some different approaches to give everyone some new ideas and possibilities.

I started by following FBReach. Now I mix and match videos with the following structure, tending towards low-impact and bodyweight exercises:

1) Warm-up/cardio (usually 15+ minutes)

2) Pilates (core)

3) Strength (focusing on one area, like arms/shoulders, legs, back/glutes)

4) Cool-down/Flexibility training (15+ minutes if I have the time)

If I am having an off-day, I will do a quick cardio/warm-up (5 - 10 minutes) and a full-body yoga/stretching routine. These are often scrutinized and modified by my cat, whom tends to be far too interested in stretching etiquette.

How about you?