Am I doing too much?

Hi Team,

I started FB March this year and haven't stopped. I was picking 30-40min workouts off youtube.

I started the FB-Fit round 2 and in 6 weeks I've done 32 wkouts.

A few of things:

1. I have gained 3-4 kgs, I am stronger and more flexible but don't appear to have lost any fat.

2. Sometimes I get desperately hungry.

3. I am finding myself more tired and less energised from workouts.

4. My knees are often stiff.

5. I am really loving the strength training over the cardio.

6. I am 42, peri-menopausal, 97kg and 175cm tall.

My question is; should I stop this program and change to FB 30 or something else? I loath not to finish a program. Or is it about digging deeper and pushing through?

Thanks so much for any support!