One Week Down, Five More to Go

Fitness Blender family,

We wanted to start out the week by saying thank you. Thank you for working out with us!

Honestly, we cannot think of anything more rewarding than knowing that so many people trust us to help them stay active and healthy...especially now.

We know that it’s always much easier said than done, but getting regular exercise can help improve mood and immune function, so we hope you’ve been doing your best to keep exercise a part of your life and getting those #workoutcomplete checkmarks as often as you can.

Whether you use our free content, purchase our Workout Programs, or subscribe to FB Plus, we truly appreciate that you work out with us...and that so many of you tell your friends and family about us.

With that in mind, we know that many of you have already taken advantage of the 70% discount on four of our Workout Programs, but we want you to help us spread the word too.

If you can think of anyone who may benefit from any of our content, let them know how easy it is to just jump right in!