Traveling and weight maintenance - Which programme?


I just commented this on the 4 week bodyweight programme, only discovered the forum now - sorry for crossposting, and thanks for any response! :)

I will be away from home for work for 6 weeks, in a location where I am unlikely to have access to any equipment whatsoever.

I am scared of losing strength and fitness, since I have been working out diligently for the last year or so about 5 times a week, with a focus on strength training, and seen improvement.

I don't need to lose weight, but I want to maintain where I am.

Is this programme for me? Can anyone who's done it perhaps advise me? That would be so helpful, thanks!

(If that helps, I have been incorporating fitnessblender routines into my workouts quite a bit, mostly level 5 HIIT and level 3-5 mass building strength.)