Week 5 of Fit R2 Complete, but now injured :o(

Hi! Week 5 has some great upper body workouts, but I did something to my shoulder/upper arm during them. I did the last day of Week 5 today, which was a lower body workout, with light weights and modifications with any moves that brought my arm over my head during warm up and cool down. I am icing my arm and taking ibprofen. I feel like it has helped already but know it could be awhile before I can pick up Fit 2 again if it is still bothering me in a week or two. I know if it does not get better I will need to see someone.

In the meantime, I was thinking of maybe trying a couple weeks of FB Booty and adding walks or bike riding on the off days and maybe some light, weightless arm exercises if my shoulder starts to improve. Is there a lot of HIIT in this program? Anyone know if this could be modified enough to make sense while trying to recover?