Halfway Through FB Flex!

Hello Blender Peeps!

I'm really excited because I'm halfway through Flex and I'm feeling really good. My upper body is really feeling stronger and I'm enjoying the workouts in this program. There are a lot of workouts that I haven't done that I really enjoy. For example, the Split workouts where only the Chest and Triceps are worked (the one I did today https://www.fitnessblender.com/videos/upper-body-split-workout-chest-and-triceps-mass-building-video) and there are two more. I didn't think I would like them honestly. The reason being because workouts that have three sets after the second set I'm thinking, "Can we get to the next set of workouts now?" Although I'm not feeling that way anymore and we all have to try something new right? Plus, it is also an endurance challenge which I love workouts like that so they aren't that bad or bad at all. I highly recommend if there is anyone else like me try them out. You may just change your thoughts.

Something else I really enjoy about FB Flex so far is that my shoulders are really getting worked. Out of my entire body my core and my shoulders have to be my weakest links. For example, when I used to be able to do planks my shoulders always gave out before my core did. They are getting stronger but it was frustrating honestly. This shows me that I should really work my shoulders more (and my core obviously). This program works really well for people looking to work their upper body.

Also, I have a question. Because of my joints (wrists, elbows, ankles and knees) there are alot of exercises I can't do and one of them is tricep dips. What can I do to substitute them? Any ideas? Thank you in advance!

Have a Blessed day guys! 😊