HKS (healthy, kind, support) accountability group 20 July

Hello FB family!

Here’s a quote for the day: ‘Make a habit of trying new things’. What is your new thing that you may try soon? Is it a new food, a new workout, a new hobby?

Today I have a really fun workout planned for today which is 10 minutes of dancing and then this kettlebell routine which I have never tried before. Then before bed I will be doing this stretching routine:

I haven’t got much planned other than doing some online courses about marketing and it’s very interesting! I highly recommend trying out free courses if you want to learn something new. It can really help to expand your knowledge on different subject areas that may also help in your everyday life. I have also decided to re learn Spanish as I used to be really good at doing the lessons each day…..and then I kind of forgot to do the lessons…...and then forgot how to speak the language 😅.

What have you been up to today and have you tried something new?

Have a great day!