Choosing my next FB program


Hi all, I'm about to finish FB 30 (one week to go!) and am trying to choose my next program. I can feel that I am getting stronger and it's great! As it's getting to be spring I want to get back to running 3 - 4 times per week. Has anyone had success combining running fit FB Fit? I'd like to bump up the intensity and lose weight, but I'm not sure the best combo. I'm also working on cleaning up my eating a bit, so hopefully that will help.

Has anyone combined FB Fit and running (like 2 - 3 miles a day or so)? I am imagining shorter runs during the days I do FB workouts -- 2 - 3 miles -- and then a longer run (4 - 5 miles) on Saturdays. (I'm an experienced runner/have run a marathon and lots of half-marathons, so that's not a ton for me.)