New Plus Workout: At Home Abs - Pilates, Standing Abs & Planks


We've got a new workout for you before we take a little breather - this one is a fun combo of Pilates, mat work, standing abs, and plank variations to really challenge and strengthen the core:

At Home Core Workout - Pilates, Standing Abs & Plank Workout

You don’t need any equipment at all for this workout, though a mat is always nice if you’re working out on a hard surface, and you can always add weights to increase the challenge. A core specific warm up and cool down are included.

You will find this workout as one of two options for a workout on the last day of the 2 Week Beginner Challenge that we just published for FB Plus.

Let us know what kinds of content you would like to see next. We are, as always, brainstorming, designing and building everything from the website, to the workout videos, to the programs and challenges we're able to offer.

Hope you're all having a good day and that you're staying safe and healthy. Be kind to yourselves, be kind to each other, and make sure to save some time for some smart movement today.