Perspiration Pals + New Level?!

What's up, P Pals? 😉

When I saw what’s on my schedule today, my inner procrastinator woke up! But I do have buddies and I’ll not let them down, even if I’m down…on the floor, gasping for air. 😅

The description itself is scary enough, but to see it’s Daniel’s 5/5 HIIT on the hot summer day?! 🥵 Just look at what I’ve been through!

C’mon, P Pals! We need a whole new level grade – D/5, meaning Daniel’s Beast Mode Level! Agreed? Of course you are. 😉

That said, I want to know I did something when finished—and this workout delivered. 💪 When doing a routine this intense, keep in mind you may need to limit your effort to keep from burning out too early. I had trouble keeping my form and my stamina suffered throughout the routine. I’ll be sore tomorrow all over, not only because of D/5 HIITing, but also for doing the extra credit as well. I’m crazy that way, special kinda crazy, Blender crazy. 😇😂

Oh, and Daniel, those Lizard Hops were just mean, pure evil, OK? 🙄

Do tell me about your day. 😊