FB Fit rd 1 day 2 and, how many modifications is too many?

Hey all and happy Friday

For those in the UK who are fed up with this heat (and having to do HITT in it!) please join me in hoping for rain! I am annoyed as the promised thunder has not arrived.

So after a few weeks of doing my own FB thing I decided to do a program. It has occurred to me that I may have been leaning a little towards what I like and may need to push a little more.

So today was either a LI workout or this;


I decided to do this one. I was pretty pleased as I made it all the way through the HIIT with no extra breaks. That said the endurance round was a mess!I didn't make it all the way through all the intervals and I found the move from steady state cardio to a core move really tough. It being 33 c did not help!

One thing though, I had to swap out quite a few of the moves for something else. I have some knee issues so whilst there are some things I can do cardio wise some moves just don't work for me. Half way though I realised I was basically following Kelli's timing and doing my own thing!

I love HIIT and what I was doing was HIIT for me as I was struggling to complete it. Do you think that's OK? I don't need or want to do LI all the time and I think I can listen to my body to know how to push. Just be interested to hear if anyone else has to do this?