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Cardio HIIT Workout + Butt, Thighs, Abs: Ultimate Workout for Belly Fat Loss, No Equipment

40 Min • Lower Body, Core
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    • Training Type Cardiovascular, HIIT, Toning
    • Equipment Mat, No Equipment
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    I'm typing this write up pre-filming, but I already know this one is going to be brutal. The only thing that gets you through a tough workout like this one is reminding yourself of how effective it is if you just keep pushing. This HIIT workout is very effective at fat burning, but it's also fantastic for reshaping and firming the butt and thighs, and toning the abs. You wont get more than 2 active intervals in before you realize how much lower body work is in this routine - there's a hidden squat or lunge in almost all of these exercises and your butt and thigh muscles are going to be screaming by the time you're done with this!

    It's impossible to spot reduce fat from anywhere on the body, but one of the best things to reduce overall body fat and stubborn belly fat is with cardio of varying intensities and time spans. You probably already knew that, but this is not your ordinary cardio workout. In fact, this bodyweight HIIT and cardio workout will put your typical treadmill, elliptical, or group fitness cardio to shame.

    If you do it right (with proper form and at an intensity that challenges you personally) you're going to struggle your way through this workout video - and that's a good thing. Assuming that you are at least a moderately experienced exerciser who is capable of reading, and listening to your own body's messages, I don't want to you to work your way comfortably through this routine; I want you to push yourself - move as fast as you possibly can, concentrate on going for a full range of motion with each rep, and do your best to make it through each active interval with minimal extra rest. With that said, keep in mind that you should never push yourself to the point of losing your stomach during a workout. In contrast to what you see on television regarding exercise; the end goal during a good workout isn't to vomit. Stop before you reach that point - it usually only takes a very quick rest before you can catch your breath, regain your composure, and start again. As you get more and more fit, you will require shorter and fewer rests along the way.

    Why this is a fat burning powerhouse: High intensity interval training (HIIT) is short, intense, unsustainable bursts of physical activity, paired with intervals of quick rests. We're using a traditional Tabata workout timing structure in this particular video; 20 seconds on, 10 off. In a nutshell, this training style causes a sort of metabolic disturbance, resulting in the body burning calories at a higher rate - up to 48-72 hours later, some research indicates. In addition to the research-backed, tried and tested fat burning HIIT in this video, we also have a burnout bodyweight cardio workout after the more intense part of the routine; this will not only drive up the total calories and fat burned for the workout, but also help increase your endurance and stamina. I've thrown in some intervals of core work that focus specifically on the abs, obliques, and lower back, just to wake up those muscles (once you're at a healthy bodyweight, those muscles may even start to make an appearance).

    Workout Structure
    Start off with warm up cardio, move into a brutal bodyweight HIIT workout, burn even more calories with the cardio burnout round along with abs and obliques work, and then finish up with a nice cool down and stretch - All without a single piece of exercise equipment.

    Warm Up - 25 Seconds Each
    Slow Burpees
    High Knee Jacks (no jumping)
    Butt Kickers
    Lat Step Toe Touch Reach (hands up in center)
    2 High Knee Pulls + Squat
    Up & Out Jacks

    At Home HIIT Workout with No Equipment - 20 On, 10 Off, x 4 Each Set

    Squat Jack Burpees
    Long Lat Jump + Ski Jump

    Surfboard Get Ups
    Long Jump + Jump Squat

    Burpee + Squat Hold
    Star Jump + 1 Reverse Lunge

    Mt Climber Warrior Lunge
    Jumping Jacks

    3 Pulse Lunge Switch
    Push Up + Toe Tap

    Switchfoot Jumps + Knee
    Squat Pops

    Water Break

    Burnout Cardio + Abs - 45 Seconds On; 15 Seconds Rest x2

    Up & Over Hops
    Knee Tucks Twists

    High Knee Holds

    Fly Jacks
    Toe Touch Crunches

    Lateral Jumps
    Bicycle Crunches

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