Daily Check-in: Friday, June 26th

I Am Iron Weed.

Read that with such power from Black Sabbath's Iron Man song and it's a potentially epic beginning/middle/end to your Friday. I found some Ironweed (see picture) growing wild and strong along the fence the other day, its intense purple standing out and demanding to be heard. Ironweed gets it's name for either the seed heads turning a rusty brown post bloom or that the plant has tough stems and long tap roots with amazing survivability in both heat and cold. Let's just go with both.

And maybe chanel that inner ironweed when it comes to tough tasks of the day or your workouts? ..I'm on my last day of Sweat, but I've swapped out doing a workout and PFT for the latest 1000 calorie workout: https://www.fitnessblender.com/videos/1000-calorie-workout-90-minute-strength-hiit-pilates-kickboxing-and-core-workout

So with that workout I will be getting my #programcomplete and kicking off the 1k party early. Those of my buddies still on the Sweat train, keep going! Safely of course and at your own pace. It was a blast doing a program with you guys (Juliska, Kimberlee, Nana, Adrienne) and I don't think I would've had as much fun on a solo mission, so thank you guys sweating it out together! Anyway, to everyone, feel free to share your workout experiences whatever you are doing!

And we must not forget food! It can powers and please us. Pizza certainly does that for me. I ran out of cheese last week; terrible, I know, but I still enjoyed the pizza. If anyone has any good pizza recipes/toppings they enjoy without cheese, I'm all ears. And I will be all eyes reading what you are eating today. Keep it (mostly) real, have a treat here and there, and eat up!

Okay, well now its time for me to make an exit. I hope you have all the good vibes and success in overcoming the possible challenges of the day and weekend ahead.. Lea has you brilliantly covered for all things weekend. I *might* see you guys here on Monday. But not as your host.

Yep. Change is coming, but in a very Kim way. That's right. On Monday (June 29th) Kim will be hosting the daily check-ins again! But not like before either. To explain further, we had a great discussion under one of Anne's comments in the check-in the other day: https://www.fitnessblender.com/community/discussion/20472/daily-check-in-tuesday-june-23rd/c/371752#comments

And one of the results from the convo came that the check-ins from now on will be co-hosted by Kim and I. We will be alternating weeks, taking turns hosting and still keeping the rotating guest hosts on the weekends. It's important to note that the change is not because of you--my dear FB Family; you are all beautifully awesome and I appreciate every one you. It's rather myself realizing I'm coming close to needing a bit of a break and this helps do exactly that. The change gives you a balance between myself and Kim (plus ghosts. Sorry to be so impersonal but you know who you are^^) to hopefully provide more variety and keeping the check-in going strong and continuing to be what it has always stood for; support and a safe place to talk, hang out, vent, have fun and celebrate with our FB Family.

Of course, I could've just said, Kim is coming back. Happy dance! But I love me some over explanations. Besides, looks like I wrote a check-in to pretty much last a week without me.

Now in the highest sense of a compliment and true me fashion parting words, You Are Iron Weed.