New! Favorite workout videos? (:


Hello! I am here from a recent JaidenAnimations video ("Trying to Get Into Fitness & Health" if you'd like to check it out - Jaiden's great!). Anyway, this year I made a huge goals list with very specific subcategories and action items for each overall goal. Like most, one of mine includes a "health" category.

I did surprisingly well in January, but haven't been as diligent in February. I'm determined to keep up my goals and reach my February month marks. Jaiden mentioned FB and I'm excited to start my journey here - I think it will help make my weights days easier (I'm doing well with my other areas of focus: yoga and cardio.)

If anyone has any good videos for beginnings or ones you've enjoyed, I'd love recommendations! (Or any recipes I should check out.) I've already browsed a bit with the searches/tags, but I always like hearing community recs.

Thank you!