Recommendation for Next Workout Program


My wife and I have been using FB workouts for about 3 months now and have really enjoyed them. We recently purchased the FB Bodyweight program and are only 5 days from completing the series. That being said, we are both are at healthy weights and don't really have any desire to lose more weight. We'd care about our fitness level and want to build some more muscle (all around). We only have one set of weights like Kelli and Daniel have but we workout together. Do any of you have any recommendations for our next workout program? Note: Neither of us have health issues, bad knees, or anything like that. We sometimes modify exercises if we're struggling keeping good form and such but we don't mind a decent challenge. We'd like to keep our workouts to about 40 mins a day as we have 4 little ones at home and life is hectic. Thanks for your suggestions.