Ideas for modifying moves for wrist pain


Hey there! I’m new to the community though I have loved FB for years. I’ve been on and off again with fitness, but I’m a week into FBBurn program right now. I have a sensitive wrist (which I actually think got hurt doing tricep dips a few years ago) and have been checked out by an orthopedic doctor. The final word is that it will just flare up now and then for the rest of my life most likely. Nothing physically is wrong (at least according to x-rays and an exam) but it can’t take a lot of pressure. If it’s hurting I use a wrist brace and rest. So, my question is - what are some options to either modify or replace things like tricep dips, push ups, or anything like that?

I have a pair of WAGS gloves, which are great and help a lot. They are grippy gloves with a wedge pad sewn inside to help with form and support. With those on, I can do something like a plank walk down, but push ups are still tough, even being on knees. I usually can modify a lot of moves by doing forearm plank position instead of full plank. I would love to hear feedback from anyone else who struggles with wrist pain.