Forgotten Gems Community Challenge Day 2 Check-in

Hello, BlendFriends!

Day 2 of our Forgotten Gems challenge is 48 minute HIIT and Lower Body, with an added bonus of (semi-)matched outfits 😉

Warmup (6 min)

HIIT (10 min)

LB ST (19 min)

Cooldown (13 min)

Okay, by the look of yesterday and today you’d think I’m a fan of rounds 😆 … I’m not!! My heart sinks every time I see them actually. I just wasn’t looking that much into the structure when making the schedules, sorry!! Because today we have a video with 2 rounds followed by a video with 3 rounds 😲🥺😬

They say it’s good to get out of the comfort zone 😎 So let’s plunge into the discomfort and try to find some benefit in it. Make it a quest related to the challenge theme – find at least one little fitness related “gem” you can take away from today. It can be anything – a little progress in form, discovering something new you enjoy, confirming you don’t enjoy something but finding a nice sub for it, getting over an obstacle, physical or mental… anything.

I previewed the videos and have no idea what the gem might be for me🤷‍♀️ but I’ll keep my ears/eyes/receptors (and mind) open.

See you in the comments!

Also, a highlight of another gem found by Lisa yesterday - It's a sweet short oldie not featured in programs (that I know of) so perfectly fitting the theme. I hope to include it somewhere this week, maybe today but probably on a bit easier day.