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Warm Up Workout Routine - Cardio Warm Up Exercises

6 Min • Total Body
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    • Training Type Cardiovascular, Warm Up/Cool Down
    • Equipment No Equipment
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    Here’s a brand new warm up cardio workout for you guys to use to get your minds and your muscles fully prepared for the work that waits for you in whichever other Fitness Blender workout videos that you want to follow it up with.

    Don’t skip the warm up before you workout! It’s very important that you gradually work your way up to more intense physical activity. Skipping this important step can make you more likely for all kinds of different injuries and ailments, and it also affects your performance and just how hard you are going to be able to push yourself during your actual workout.

    You can easily feel the difference between physical exertion on warmed up muscles, and cold muscles. For example, you have probably experienced the burn in your thigh muscles and the overly dramatic heaving of your lungs after jumping up from the couch and running up the stairs to grab something from the second story of your house. The feeling of exertion is much more pronounced than when you have been up and walking around, and then you climb the stairs.

    The same thing happens when you neglect warming up your body properly before doing more demanding exercises; you are going to feel worn out a lot earlier than you need to. Give your body time to adjust to the workload ahead and you are going to be able to burn more calories, build more strength, and push yourself further than you would have been able to if you hadn’t.

    Workout Structure
    We will be doing ten different warm up exercises that will become increasingly demanding on the muscles and cardiovascular system. Each active interval will be roughly thirty seconds long.

    Warm Up Exercises
    Boxer Shuffle
    Overhead Reaches & Toe Touch Stretches
    Slow High Knee March
    Torso Twists
    Alternating Toe Touch Kicks
    Full Torso Circles
    Lateral Step Toe Touches
    Jumping Jacks
    High Knees

    We start off slowly but by the time you are done, your muscles will be warmed up and you may even be starting to sweat a bit.

    We estimate that this short cardio warm up workout routine burns roughly 4-7 calories per minute.

    Once you’re finished with this, you will be ready to tackle any of our high intensity interval training routines, strength workouts, and everything in between. Don’t forget to do a cool down and stretch when you are finished with your workout session, it’s just as important!