New: Banded Lower Body Strength Workout + HIIT Cardio

Good Morning FB Family,

We just pushed another new workout live:

40 Minute Banded Lower Body Strength Workout with HIIT Cardio

You'll find this new workout in the new 2 Week FB Plus Strong Challenge we published yesterday. It's a fun combination of HIIT and strength training with a resistance band - which brings unique twists to a strength challenge, and replaces a lot of very large gym equipment.

The HIIT is just enough to get you nice and sweaty, huffing and puffing, but we save the bulk of our energy for the strength portion. You can always hold onto dumbbells to make this even more challenging, just make sure you have your form locked in first.

Workout Breakdown:
Cardio Warm Up
High Intensity Interval Training
Banded Strength Workout
Cool Down and Stretch
Equipment: Resistance band, and a chair/bench/couch, optional dumbbells

This was a lot of fun to film. A lot of these exercises are in my regular rotation, so personally, I'm thrilled to have a video to turn on and follow through my own workouts, to keep myself on task. I was also excited to be able to film my first real bout of HIIT in several years. More of that coming soon.

If you missed it, here's yesterday's new release (free for everyone 😃): Quick Sweat Kettlebell and Jump Rope - Strength and Cardio Workout

Let us know what you think of this new workout and what you would like to see next!