New: Unlimited FB Plus Challenges + 2 New Workouts

FB Plus just got a major update!

All of our previous 2 Week FB Plus Challenges are now available to you to use and reschedule at any time and pace you like - check under "My Programs" and get started!

That means FB Plus Membership now comes with:

  •  2 Week FB Strong (NEW): Pure strength

  •  2 Week FB Fit: HIIT, Strength & Pilates (50min/day)

  •  2 Week FB You Choose: Like a choose your own adventure plan!

  •  2 Week FB Burn: HIIT & Strength (37min/day)

  • + A new Challenge each month

⇨ You can now reschedule and use these Challenges the same way as our Workout Programs. Use them to build your own custom workout schedules & create your own perfect workout balance. These Challenges are going to allow us to do a lot of different program formats and styles - we're going to be able to get really creative and it's going to be fun!

⇨ Other updates: You will want to revisit your previously completed 2 Week Challenges, there's a button you need to hit 😉 #workoutcomplete

⇨ A new FB Plus Challenge is now available: 2 Week FB Strong

⇨ ALL FB accounts have an updated "My Programs" page - you can now see which plans are in progress & how many times you've done any given Program or Challenge, check it out!

⇨ NEW free Workout: Kettlebell and Jump Rope Strength and Cardio Workout - this one is a really fun combo of kettlebell & jump rope (heads up; you can always use a dumbbell as a sub for the kettlebell)

⇨ NEW FB Plus Workout: 40 Minute Banded Lower Body Strength Workout with HIIT Cardio is a combo HIIT & resistance band workout for the lower body

Our Workout Programs, Workout Challenges, and FB Plus are what keep our site & 600+ workout videos free for everyone, so a huge thank you to anyone who supports Fitness Blender - you make FB possible!

Please keep the feedback coming so that we can keep working to make FB better & better for everyone.