New Life in a New Place


Hi everyone! ^-^ I'm new to this so if you have any suggestions for beginners let me know! I am about 30lbs over weight and would like to drop at least 30-40lbs within the next few months. I do want to make a shout out to JaidenAnimations. She wasn't sponsored for mentioning this website but I'm really glad she did! I want to make a difference in my health. I just didn't know where to start. So thank you Jaiden, I greatly appreciate it! Another side note is that I recently moved to CO which is much higher of an elevation than my home state IL. Any suggestions to help combat elevation sickness? I don't know why but my first work out video was a HIIT level 4, I already regret it! Maybe because it was a popular workout. Haha! But I am so out of breath after 5 minutes of vigorous movement. I am happy I still went through then entire video but, oh my god I cant do that again for a while. Anyway, thanks for any or all suggestions! And thank you again Jaiden! #youfansince2015