Do I HAVE to do HIIT?


I used to not mind doing HIIT to begin with, but now it's just getting too painful. :P I feel AWFUL when I do it, and pretty dizzy and SO exhausted when I finish it (maybe it doesn't help that I have to work out in the late evening, and because I live in Australia, that still means it's about 32 degrees Celsius?). I love cardio, it's like a fun, less intense version of HIIT... Lately, I've been doing HIIT around 1-2 times a week.

Do I HAVE to do HIIT if I don't like it? It's my least favourite out of anything. :P

Note: To put into context, I'm 17 and don't do any sports. (Unless you count dancing at home a lot, riding my bike around and doing archery.) I'm quite fit, pretty skinny and work out about 5 times a week.