Finally joining the community, in my own weird way :)

Hey everyone.

I decided to officially join the Fitnessblender community this month, but I have been working out with FB since fall 2017, when I first tried the 37 minute fat burning cardio with all those jumping jacks.

So I'm not new to exercise (have been working out for about 7 years in total) - but I might be the odd one out here because I don't follow a program and I don't have big goals, other than maintaining my fitness level and pushing myself but also listening to my body. Focusing on acceptance in all ways and learning to be content with what I do is what I'm working on right now. I also see a lot of body acceptance talk here and focus on how working out makes you FEEL instead of focusing on losing weight, which is really helpful.

I'm also a runner. Running and working out at home are equally important to me, so I view running as a nice alternation (fresh air!), but I don’t do races and I don’t stick to a schedule any more.

Thought it might be nice to join since I have no one in my social circle that shares my passion for working out with FB. So they don’t really understand my enthusiasm about new workout pants or sweaty shoulders after an HIIT session. Weird, right? :)

I’ve been a bit hesitant about joining though, because I can’t chime in in the conversations about FB programs and I also feel a bit awkward about myself and my ambition seeing the many topics about people who have clear fitness goals (which I admire!). However, I’m serious about working out; I do so 5-6 times a week.

Hope I can be a helpful addition to this community.