Scheduling workouts around sport-specific training


I'm wondering if anyone has experience scheduling their workouts around organised sports/classes? I do karate twice a week (Tu/Th) and I'm having a bit of trouble fitting my strength training around that; at the moment I'm doing about 20-30 minutes of basic lifts after class (deadlift, squat, bench press, that kind of thing), but I'd really like to add more variety with some FB videos to get more comprehensive training (though I don't want to completely stop with the basic lifts, as, honestly, it feels pretty awesome to haul a barbell that weighs more than I do off the floor :D ). Unfortunately, Monday/Wednesday are 100% out for strength training, as I can't be sore for class, and whether or not I'm sore on Fridays kind of depends on what we did in class on Thursday (so, theoretically, I could deadlift after class on Thursday and do an upper body workout on Friday, but not if we did a bunch of push ups as our workout at the end of class on Thursday).

Does anyone else have experience with fitting strength training around scheduled training sessions?