FBFit Round 2 - Week 2 - Check-In


Hello FB-Family 😁

Here is short summary of how I perceived week 2:

Day 8 - Lower Body Strength and HIIT

I did this workout at 5 pm and ate my last meal at 7 am. I was tired and even if my muscles weren't hurting, I didn't have any energy to push through some intervals. This is why I didn't do the extra credit challenge. However, my legs were shaking after the main workout so it was still worth it.

Hated exercise on this day: high knees 🙃, favourite one: sumo squats and burpees (I don't know why I liked the burpees, normally I hate them) 🥰

Day 9 - Kelli's Upper Body strength routine and extra credit cardio

On that day, I ate something so I was more energized. I didn't find the strength portion like super intense because I used lighter weights to concentrate on my form. I was very proud of me because I did the 'Row plus rotation and extension' from a full plank position (not on my knees) 😁 the following roundabout push-ups were really difficult.

The 'lateral raise and cross' surprised me because it looks so easy but after 2 reps, everything hurts 😂

I did the extra credit but my legs were a little bit sore from day 8, so I wasn't moving at full speed. I still can't do proper 'stutter jacks' 😂

Favourite exercise on that day: chest fly

Most hated on that day: stutter jacks

Day 9 - Cardio Kickboxing and Core

My hamstrings on the left side hurt on that day and I felt Day 8 in my shoulders so I modified some exercises. I really enjoyed the core workout with Daniel, but I didn't like the extra credit challenge. Almost every exercise in there was already in the main workout 🤷‍♀️

However, my core was working and I sweat due to the kickboxing. Some of the kickboxing routines were really difficult to stick to as you get more tired, especially when I tried to do the kickboxing and boxershuffle simultaneously 😅

Favourite exercise: crunches

Most hated: back bows, swimmers

Day 10 - Lower Body HIIT and Strength

I didn't have to work on that day, so I could do my workout in the morning. The muscles that were still sore were my rhomboids and my hamstrings. The workout targets the lower body, but my arms were also very shaky afterwards😅

I enjoyed it. I knew this workout (I did it 6 weeks ago as I did the 5 day challenge) and I think that I mastered it better than last time.

Favourite exercise: x burpees and the pigeon stretch

No hated exercices on day 10 😁

Day 11 - Upper Body Strength with Kelli for people who get bored easily

I loved this routine, even if my tricep and my shoulders were still a tiny bit sore. This doesn't mean, that it wasn't intense 😅 by the end my arms were shaking and burning (but in a good way)

I loved all the exercises (especially the close chest press and the side pullover), but the overhand curl is still not my cup of tea 😁

Day 12 - Stretching with Kelli

I did this one right after waking up. There are nice variations of the pigeon stretch in it and a lot of upper body stretches. I can really recommend it for waking up your body

My opinion on FitR2 after week 2:

I knew that it would be harder than LowImpact BUT sometimes I really wish that there was one workout in the week, that would be easier. I did have sore muscles almost every day (not enough to take a rest). And sore muscles are good so I think it's just my weaker inner self that wants an easy workout 😂

I'm still motivated, so it can't be that bad😁,