Which program as addition to gym?

Hi everyone!

I've been working out with FB since the gyms had had to close in March and I've completed the Low Impact program (the pdf one) and FB Strong (finished it today, yay!).

The gyms opened here this week, but I've got used to working out with Kelli and Daniel, and to working out 6 days a week, so I've been wondering if I could combine gym and FB programs.

Before lockdown I usually went 2-3 times a week to the gym and did either whole body training on machines or a Les Mills Bodypump class (whole body workout with light weights and many repetitions).

I've been thinking about doing something like this:

Days 1-3 of the week - FB program workouts (Days 1-3 in week 1, Days 4-6 in week 2 etc.)

Day 4 - Gym

Day 5 - Some streching (active recovery) FB workout

Day 6 - Gym

Do you think it could work? Are there any FB programs that can't be done this way? And what program should I start next week: repeat Strong or start another program?

I have these programs in my account:


FB Abs - Round 2

FB Bodyweight - Round 2

FB Bored Easily

FB Fit - Round 2

FB Low Impact Round 2

FB Reach

FB Sweat

FB Low Impact pdf program (though I would prefer not to repeat it, since I find calendar-based programs more comfortable to use)

Thanks in advance and have a great day/evening/night!