FBFit Round 2 -Week 1 - Check-In

Hello FB Family,

I knew that Fit would be by far more challenging than LowImpact but OH BOY.

First day was the PFT, that went rather well, here are my results: Run: Samsung Gear 0,95 km 6min 3 sek

Push-Ups: 1 full, 13 half

Squats 29

Plank 1min

Flexibility +5,6cm

Day 2 : hell, that was an intense 52min workout. I was sweating like crazy and I really struggled to continue, but I pushed through and even did the extra credit challenge :)

Day 3 : Upper Body with Daniel. I did the lateral raise with 4 kg instead of my regular 2,5kg, so that is a good thing :) I was really sore the day after and felt especially my shoulders and triceps. But my neck and my lower back hurt, which shows me that my form wrong . Also, I completed the extra credit challenge with Kelli, which was also very intense after strength training.

Day 4 : Here, I messed up and did one Cardio Workout from Day 5 already. I really felt strong and motivated during it. So I did an extra 15min cardio that day. The 24 min Abs Workout showed me that I really have to work on my abs a little bit. Especially the criss cross crunches and the back bows are at the moment very difficult for me.

Day 5 : Friday yay. I redid the cardio session that I already did on day 4 but I struggled this time. The Superset workout was ok, I didn't lift as much and concentrated on my form. I was still sweating like crazy.

Aftermath: sore muscles in my legs and arms

Day 6 : Recovery workout, I did it right after waking up. It felt good and I even burned around 100cal so my day started very well.

I still feel some of my muscles, which is good and I'm looking forward to Monday.