New girl on the block


I'm so excited to have found FB. I've spent the last 2.5 years overcoming a lot of challenges. I gave birth to our third child and immediately fell under some pretty heavy post partum depression. I have had baby blues in the past, but this time was so different. My husband is a loving, wonderful man, but his work takes him away from home often and, with three very small children at home to care for, I nearly cracked. I was under such a heavy cloud of depression that one evening (plus pretty much every meal that folIowed) I stood in our kitchen bawling my eyes out because I couldn't even find the ability to slice an onion for dinner. I can describe what post partum depression (PPD) does, its insane and unlike anything I've ever experienced, but it's comepletely debilitating. Being home, often alone, with my three kiddos (4,2&newborn) I had no choice but to just keep going. I coped for two long years by binge eating sugar. It has crippled my health and put me 60 lbs overweight, but y'all, I was in survival only mode. Anyway, about 6 months ago I started to get my feet under me and now I'm actually back to my normal mental and emotional health, So I'm ready to fight for my physical health as well. It's been a long road down in the dark, and I'm so, so grateful that I found FB to help me crawl back into the light! I love Kelli and Daniels videos, Ilyou are both physically stunning, but your amazingly normal and healthy and real life non BS advice is like, almost impossible to find! I appreciate your work more than I could ever type out, and Kelli, your personal story was so touching, so deeply encouraging, I could never have imagined you and I have such a similar back story, but since you shared that I now feel like there endless hope for my body to get healthy too. This is my first post, and I'm starting the 8 week plan, so I'll be back with before and afters in a couple of months, but until then, I just had to say thank you. You're amazing people and your integrity shines through. You rock and I'm so happy to be here with you.

Sending my Best!!!!!